Brawl Stars – 4 Easy Tips for Starters

Gone are those days when it was necessary to own a pc or laptop to play high-end interesting games. With the advancement of technology, now you can play cool fun games on your mobile phones. Mobile gaming is getting better day by day and there are different categories of games that you can play. Both high end and low-end games are available for mobile phones. No matter if you have an iOS device or an Android device, you will get to play a lot of interesting games in both.

Speaking of interesting games, if you are looking for a game that is fun to play, then you must try brawl stars or if you already playing it, then in this article you will get some awesome tips to improve your gameplay. So the tips are as follows:

1- Select Manual Aim

In this game, there are two options to attack your enemy. One is manual mode and the other is automatic mode. You can easily select any mode. To choose the manual mode you have to click and hold the corresponding button and to choose automatic mode, you just have to click the corresponding button.

The reason why you should not choose automatic mode is that it will make your character hit the nearest enemy and it makes your attack less efficient. Manual mode gives you the flexibility to hit any enemy, so you will be able to easily finish the enemy who has low health.

2- Don’t Spend Money on Small Boxes

This is one of the most important things that you should know if you play Brawl Stars. You should always try to save your gems, don’t spend them to shop random stuff. Gems are very valuable and it is hard to collect them. Well, in this game, two boxes give great stuff. One is a big box and the other is a mega box, both give the same stuff, so if you have collected some gems, then you must use them to buy a big box because it is cheaper than a mega box.

3- Remember That You Can Hide

If you have just started playing Brawl Stars, then you might don’t know that you can hide. So use the hiding feature when your health gets low and you can also make strong surprise attacks while hiding. One thing that must remember is that hiding does not mean standing behind an object, it means complete disappearing.

4- Choose the Brawlers Wisely

If you want to do better in Brawl Stars, then you must choose the brawlers wisely. You should wisely spend your currency to shop brawlers because it give you 7 brawlers for completing the in-game achievements. So you should not purchase the brawlers that you will get for free.

To help you more, the characters that you will get through in-game achievements are Colt, Bull, Nita, Brock, Bo, Dynamike, and Jessie. So never spend the money on these characters.


Brawl stars is a very popular game and it looks very simple, but you will come to know about the complexities of this game when you start playing it. So these were some of the tips and if you follow them, then it will surely improve your game. The key to master any game is regular practice. So keep playing and you will get better with time. Hope this article will give you some useful information.

Easy Tips to Help You Win in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is one of the recent mobile games in 2019. It’s now only available globally. Are you looking for a fun filled game, one that will excite you while challenging your intelligence, Brawl Stars is the game to try.
Brawl Stars has four different games modes. They include:
    • Heist
    • Showdown
    • Smash and Grab
    • Bounty

They are each unique and will require slightly different skills to play.

5 Things you need to know before playing Brawl Stars.

Understand the different game modes
Learn each game mode. For example Bounty is points based whereby you increase your chance of winning by killing a player with a bounty. Smash and Grab involves two antagonistic teams compete to collect crystal dotted about the arena, with the first to hold 10 triggering a countdown timer, that counts from 10 – 0. If the timer hits zero, you’ve won. Heist involves two teams, the attackers and defenders. Defenders guard a locked safe from opening by the attackers.

Practice playing against bots

Practice makes perfect. While it may not be very interesting as playing real players, playing with bots improves your chances of winning. Its gives you an opportunity to learn the different strategies to be applied for different game modes and saves you the wrath of playing with experienced team mates who only want to out-do you.

Always watch the character’s feet

Every character in the game has at least one circle around their feet. A red circle signifies hostility, a blue circle means friendly. A character may have two circle around their feet. I.e. if it’s a red, meaning a character would have red and blue circles or two reds circle just tread carefully, for it means there are charged to attack. The second circle may be yellow. The yellow circle signifies super attack. It’s prudent to seek safety immediately.

Do not hold lots of crystal

In Smash and Grab mode, it involves collecting crystals. Holding more than a third of required crystals exposes you to unnecessary danger. In case of death, the enemy may be in a position to pick everything you drop, meaning their get an added advantage that increases their chances of winning.

Some of the other unique tricks are customized to different game modes. For example, Smash and Grab mode, seek to devour the enemy with the highest number of crystals and use obstacles to your advantage.

Heist mode – use your special abilities to destroy the safe. This is the only goal so save your special abilities for it.

Showdown – break open the charge crates accorded to you and seek to steal from the weak characters and thou cunning, let others fight first by hiding yourself.

Bounty – use tank bawler characters the likes of Bull and EL Primo. You most likely to win because they are difficult to kill, due to many Hit Points.

Sounds fun already to play. Enjoy playing using the above tips. Good luck!!