Brawl Stars Mobile Game Tips & Tricks

Brawl Stars is a tricky game from Supercell. Actually Supercell is famous for making killing game. This is a fun game. It is very easy to play. Each and every character in this game has different abilities, talent, stats and weapons. It is an action oriented and team based game. There are basically four game modes. In the Smash and Grab mode of the game, the two teams will compete with one another in order to collect the crystal balls. In the Heist mode of the game, all players are ready to attack and defend. In the showdown, everyone is ready to kill another. Bounty is a point based mode of the Brawl Stars game. It is a star collecting step.


Tips to win:

There are some steps for the player in order to win the game.

  • Use barriers as per advantage:

In the smash and grab mode of the game, the player has to face too many barriers in the battlefield. But the player can take these obstacles as per their advantage. The player can get shelter behind the obstacles such as rocks, mushrooms and barrels. But through some special ability, the opponent can hurt the player through the obstacles. The player has to be careful in that case.

  • Do not compete with the tank brawlers alone:

A player cannot tackle brawlers who have lot of hit techniques and points. It will be hard to do alone. Player should wait to pick up the strong backups from their team. This tip can make sure the success of the player.

  • Save 10 crystals and run:

Undoubtedly, it is a coward move. But for winning, it is a smart move for a player. Once a player will get 10 crystals, it will be the high time to run. A player cannot kill every second on the countdown. Player has to make sure that the teammates will be there to pick up the crystals after his death.

  • Protection of a character:

The player has to protect the teammates with most crystals. The player can put their life in danger in order to save crystal and his teammates. Crystals are the main golden opportunity to grab and smash.

  • Attacking Poco:

Poco is mainly a Brawler in this Brawl Stars game. It can both attack the enemies and heal the allies. In order to achieve success, a player has to kill Poco as soon as possible. This tactics will prevent the opponent team from healing its wounds sharply. This will help the player to win the game.

  • Using special ability:

The special abilities are quite powerful than anything else. The player has to attack and damage to the safe.

  • Know the whole map:

The player has to know the whole map of the battlefield of Brawl Stars. Gradually, the player will become habituated with the every corners of the map.


The player can get success in the Brawl Stars game by following these tips. In order to win the match, the player has to sacrifice themselves. This is a team game. Everyone should play it as a team and with proper gaming strategy.


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