Brawl Stars – 6 Tips to Win Every Match

Brawl Stars is a mobile MOBA which allows players to go into either 1v9 or 3v3 real-time and short burst multiplayer games. This game has already established a key player foundation and currently, it is only soft-launched in Canada. It is considered as the next digital outing from Clash Royale designers Supercell.

Below are Brawl Stars Game Tips(guide) you need to know.

1. Know your competitors
For you to compete favorably, you need to understand your key opponents’ tactics properly. You need to have a mental note of your challengers’ attacks and supers to understand what to expect when you face them. Just after you play through the tutorials and you have knowledge of the basic controls and goal, you are advised to reading up on a variety of brawl stars in the match. You can get clear information on your enemy from the character guide or brawl stars menu in game. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access most of your opponents for quite some time by physically playing with him/her. You will encounter different opponents from the opposing team.

2. Put more focus on a range when learning a new brawler 
Regardless of the control scheme you select, it is advisable to use the swipe to attack option always when you intend to play against a new brawl star.
3. Begin with play bots until you become a superstar in brawling
As a beginner, you need to pay attention to every step of brawl stars game. The three-match categories that it has in their four-game modes need to be learned step by step. They range from Bot Brawl to Co-Op Brawl to Brawl.
The first game mode puts you to a game that lacks nothing except bots. You will have to play against two other bots whereas your opponent will be the three bots. Here, you will feel free to attempt crazy techniques or even quit without having a negative implication on someone. Later on, you will adapt to Co-Op Brawl until you are ready to brawl.

4. Work with your Team

In every play game mode apart from Showdown, you will need to be matched up with two other players as your teammates. Have a clear knowledge of their tactics and understand all of them well. Use their skills and experience for your own good. Support and cooperate with them when a need arises. Utilize your capacity and abilities to help your team. Share efforts and victory as a team. Ensure you are aware of what your team is doing for your own benefit.
5. Keep the game mode in mind
The game mode you are playing plays a significant role in determining your match victory conditions. Be aware of the bounty awards. Understand when to die and how to kill a game so that you can earn more points. Do your best to stay safe by guarding your crystals/stars.
6. Understand the Maps
This is very important in every competitive match. It will make you aware with every single pixel of the map. Knowing the map inside out will allow you to understand the best places to hide, knowing the best brawl stars to use in the game and to understand the best patterns to move to.
Understanding and implementing the above-mentioned tips will guide you to become an effective brawler.

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