Brawl Stars – 5 Easy Tips for Beginners

Brawl Stars mobile game is fun and frantic combat system you will find easy to play although challenging to master. In the game, each character you see has the different ability, but with weapons and stats, you will have endless strategy possibilities.

However, various strategies will make you better in the game without depending on the character you are playing. While this game is only soft-launched on iOS, it has a significant base player.

At the game, Brawl Stars, you will find four game modes: Bounty, Showdown, Heist and Smash & Grab. Each of the game modes has a different objective. Here, you will find some tricks and tips that will make you the best Brawler:

1. Pay Attention When You Are Learning a New Character

It won’t matter the control scheme you plan to use, but the recommended is to use the swipe to attack method and especially when playing a new brawler.

When you swipe even before you release your fingers, a ghostly while cone or line appears in the direction you are aiming. That shows your brawler’s attack range. Moreover, it is an indication of the furthest attack you can reach and also spread.

The more you will keep playing the game, you will know the range without swiping. When you use the tactic, it will help you to learn the distance you can play as a character and also the furthest distance that an opponent is likely to reach you.

2. Knowing How You Can Die

In the game, you will not like to die. But sometimes when you are killed, you get some benefits.

When defending, you can try to play aggressively heading to choke point. Moreover, give the opponent more pressure as much as possible.

When you get tricked, and the enemies run to the safe, allow the enemy to kill you and immediately respawn at the same. If you run to the safe way, you might take a long time, but respawning will only take 3-4 seconds.

3. Keep The Mode In Your Mind

It depends on the mode you are playing. When you keep the game mode in your mind, it will determine the match’s victory condition.
When you kill, you earn a point when playing Bounty. When you die, you end up awarding all your scores to the opponent.

In Heist mode, it is one defending team that is against an offensive team. The offense will try to destroy the safe in their side of the map. After the health of the safe lowers to zero, the offense team wins. The best way to win is to have the game mode in your mind.

4. Know the Brawlers

The game is much like other games. So that you be successful, you have to familiarize with other characters that you are playing. You need to know your opponent’s unique abilities, weakness, strength, and its super works.

In advance, you will also need to know the outcome damages resulting from the super and primary attack.

When you know all the stuff necessary, you will strategically figure out your best moves in an occurrence of any occasion.

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