6 Sure-Fire Brawl Stars Mobile Game Tips

Brawl Stars is a real-time game where there is an interaction between two teams of three characters and each has to fight it out with full obstacles. It is an action-oriented MOBA that let the players into three vs. three or one vs. nine multiplayer matches. This is a game of depth, with that depth there comes choice and with choice comes an opportunity to think and fight the competition. It has four main game modes – smash, grab, heist, and bounty.

Here are some Brawl Stars game tips to keep you ahead in the game

1. Know your opponent: After you have gone through the tutorials of the game and learned the basic goals of the game, it is advised to read up different brawlers. Knowing your enemy, his strength and weakness can keep you ahead of him. The easiest way to know about the character in Brawl Stars is by playing it.

2. Practice your leading shots: When you are using the swipe and hold strike method, you can watch where the bullets are targeting. Therefore, the strikes take time to reach their target, so it’s favourable to practice your leading shots. One can practice their shots in smash, grab, and heist game mode.

3. Play bots regularly until you are ready for the last stage: Brawl stars have three match types – Bot-brawl, Brawl and Co-op brawl. Bot-brawl lands you in a stage where you have to do nothing but bolts. Co-op brawl takes you to a stage where you have to play as a team along with other players but your enemy still bots. This way you can practice to play in a team. The Last stage, Brawl is probably the best possible way to play and get better. It lets you play the match as a real-time player. It is recommended to practice the first two stages before entering this stage.

4. Spend time with every new brawler you obtain: Don’t just stick to one brawler and play the game. This might seem boring after some time. Whenever you unlock a new character, use that character for at least next 6 times you play the game. The more you will know the brawler, the more easily you will play when you play against them.

5. Play as a team: In every mode, you will be matched with two different teammates. Stay conscious of it, also provide your assistance and support to them and make the most of their skills to get yourself benefited. If you’ve a Poco, you can use him at the time of low health if he has super available. In the same way, use your skills as well to assist your team. Divide the effort and share the victory with your team.

6. Watch the feet: Every character in this game has one or more than one circles placed around their feet. There are some signals given to you, if the circle is blue, they are friendly with you but if its red then they are being hostile. A Yellow circle means to get to safety, which is the golden rule in Brawl Stars.

Above were some of the tips regarding Brawl Stars which will surely help you to play the game especially if you are a beginner.

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